A pilgrimage to the three Shrines in East Kanto – Episode1

One day in May, I made pilgrimage to the three temples in North East Kanto.

Kashima Jingu, Katori Jingu, and Ikisu Jinja are called Togoku San Sya (Three Shrines in the East). It is believed that you receive the blessing from deities through a pilgrimage to these three shrines.

Three Jinja are located in the east of Kanto and the lines of each point make a triangle. In the past, Mt. Fuji can be seen from these locations. It seems that Jingu and Jinja were built towards Mt. Fuji and receiving the spiritual power.

Relations of three Jinja have been handed down in a legendary story. A deity enshrined in Kashima Jingu is “Takemikazuchi no Ohkami”. The one in Katori Jingu is “Futsunushi no Ohkami”. Two deities worked together to negotiate cession of territory with “Ohkuninushi no Mikoto”, and quelled insullections in Japan under the order of “Amaterasu Ohmikami”, who is a deity of Ise Jingu. Deities of Ikisu Jinja, “Kunadono Kami” and “Amenotorifune no Mikoto”, supported them with suppression and led the way around Japan.

I went to Kashima Jingu first. Access is very easy from Tokyo Station. You can catch a train but I recommend a travel by bus. JR operates bus service from Tokyo Station every 20 minutes or so. JR BUS KANTO

After passing through a bright red gate, Romon, you will see the main shrine on your right. This was built in 1619 donated by Tokugawa Hidetada, the 2nd Shogun in Edo era.

There is a front approach to Okumiya (The shrine locates the deepest inside). This 300m long approach is surrounded by trees and you might feel so relaxed and refreshed with clean air.

This is the Okumiya. The sunright filtered through the leaves of trees lights up the Okumiya in bright gold. Tokugawa Ieyas, the 1st Shogun, built this shrine in 1605 thanking for a victory of battle in Sekigahara. Originally it was built near the Romon where the main shrine is now located. It is moved to the current location in 1609.

In the large premise, apart from Okumiya, there are some spots to be seen.

This is Mitarai Ike, the Torii gate stands in the pond. 40,000 little pure water wells up from spring every day and fills up the pond.

This day, the weather was very nice and leaves are shining in bright green. Pond was pure clean and carps swim peacefully. It was very relaxing and spiritual moment.

関西パワースポット巡り住吉大社編 -Trip to Kansai Spiritual Power Spot-Sumiyoshi Taisha ①


40 years of our age is a previous year of an unlucky year of men’s life.  Driving evil spirits or doing something good for my good fortune is the my interest in 2017.


By searching the internet, Sumiyoshi Taisha is the spot where we can feel the spiritual power.

“関西パワースポット巡り住吉大社編 -Trip to Kansai Spiritual Power Spot-Sumiyoshi Taisha ①” の続きを読む

白川郷 - Shirakawa-go –

One of my favorite site in Japan is “Shirakawa-go” in Gifu prefectuer. This is a small community surrounded by mountains. This communy was added in UNESCO World Heritage in 1995. The people in the community preserve the lifestyle, and building structure and design for several handred years. Their spirit of coexistance with nature had established the unique culture, from which we can learn a lot of things. “白川郷 - Shirakawa-go –” の続きを読む